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HELP.VET® Portable Echocardium

with extension

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HELP.VET® Portable Ecocardium is the HELP.VET® range product born from the search for maximum comfort for the patient and easier portability for the veterinarian.  HELP.VET® Portable Echocardium is specially designed to minimize the need to move and displace the patient during echocardiological visits. Although its dimensions allow it to accommodate patients of different sizes, the transport of HELP.VET® Portable Ecocardio is facilitated by its proportions and low weight of only 2.5 kg without extension. The extension, which can be attached on both sides of the mattress, allows HELP.VET® Portable Ecocardio to adapt to any size of patient. The cover is waterproof and designed to be easy to remove and clean: it is completely removable for thorough washing. HELP.VET® Portable Ecocardio is as light as a feather 2.5 kg, to which is added 1 kg of its extension.

100 cm
47 cm
23 cm
Dimensioni prolunga
25x47 cm; h 23 cm