Shipping information


9.1 Place of delivery

Helpvet s.r.l. will deliver the products to the address indicated by the Customer in the purchase order.

9.2 Delivery and storage times

The Products indicated as "available" will be delivered within 4-5 working days and / or specified in the e-mail confirming the acceptance of the purchase proposal, and in any case no later than 10 (ten) working days from the sending of the e-mail confirming acceptance of the purchase proposal.

For products indicated as "available while stocks last", as well as in the case of a Mixed Order, the approximate time for home delivery will be that indicated in the e-mail accepting the purchase proposal of the products indicated as "available until exhaustion. stocks ". In any case, pursuant to art. 61, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, Helpvet s.r.l. will carry out the delivery no later than thirty days from the day following that on which the Customer sent the purchase proposal to Helpvet s.r.l ..

In the event that the products cannot be delivered within the terms indicated in the preceding paragraphs, Helpvet s.r.l. will contact the customer, within 2 (two) working days from the expiry of the deadline, providing information on the status of the shipment, without prejudice to the Customer's right to obtain a refund and further remedies provided for by art. 61, paragraphs 3-7 of the Consumer Code.

In the event of the purchase of multiple products of different types, Helpvet s.r.l. reserves the right to deliver individual products with different times and deliveries. This choice by Helpvet s.r.l. it will not entail any increase in costs for the Customer.

9.3 Customer Verification of Products and Returns Policy

The customer is required to verify, upon receipt of the ordered products:

(a) if the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated on the transport document;

(b) if the packaging is intact;

(c) if the delivered product complies with your purchase order.

Any defects must be reported in writing by the Customer to Helpvet s.r.l. within 8 (eight) days of delivery of the Products to the email address The above communication must contain a detailed description of the order error and / or defect, and photos of the product in case of damage. The Customer undertakes to make the disputed Products and the shipping packaging available to ensure a possible collection of the goods; In the event that the complaint is deemed justified, Helpvet s.r.l. undertakes to carry out the necessary procedure to prepare the resolution of the reported issue. No damage can be requested from Helpvet s.r.l. for any delays in carrying out repairs or replacements. In the event that the Customer has notified the defects within the allowed time but, after verification, no basis emerges in the complaints made, Helpvet s.r.l. will be entitled to compensation for expenses incurred as a result of the notification of defects.

9.4 Invoice

The invoice relating to the products (and related services) purchased through the Site will be issued at the time of shipment and will be made available to the Customer directly online.

For orders involving multiple products, separate invoices may be issued based on the shipments made.

9.5 Shipping costs

The price of the product purchased by the Customer through the Site will add an amount of € 12.00 as shipping costs. This amount is calculated automatically by the Helpvet s.r.l. system, having regard, among others, to the weight and size of the products, but without distinction related to the place of delivery in the Italian territory. This amount will be indicated in the purchase order before it is sent by the customer. In the case of deliveries outside the Italian territory, the transport cost amounts to 24 euros, however Helpvet s.r.l. is entitled to do so. to indicate any additions by notifying the customer who will have the right to cancel the order.

Transport costs will be free if the order exceeds or equals the sum of € 300.00.

9.6 Unavailability of a product

Helpvet s.r.l. undertakes to do everything possible for the satisfaction of its Customers and for a swift and efficient processing of orders sent through the Site. However, it may exceptionally happen that a product indicated as "available" and for which the Customer has made payment at the sending the order, is no longer available at the time Helpvet s.r.l. takes charge of the purchase proposal. In this case Helpvet s.r.l. will immediately notify the Customer via e-mail. In the face of this disservice, and in addition to the legal remedies, the Customer will receive from Helpvet s.r.l. possibly also a coupon. In this case, the determination of the value of the coupon and / or the categories of products for which it is valid will be evaluated by Helpvet s.r.l. in relation to the circumstances of the individual purchase. The same procedure will also apply to Mixed Orders and to orders relating to products "available while stocks last", for which the Customer has made the payment upon receipt of the acceptance of the purchase proposal by Helpvet s.r.l., in case subsequently it appears that one or more products covered by the order have become unavailable.